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Medical translations and interpretation require 100% precision and accuracy since lives literally might rely upon the exact meaning of a word.

Readability is almost as crucial as accuracy in pharmaceutical translations. Directions should be clear, simple, and easy to ensure that patients grasp the information. If a patient does not understand the instructions for their medicine, they may not be able to obtain adequate treatment. They may even stop taking their prescription because they are too embarrassed to seek further information from their doctor. This is also true for medical devices and machines. Due to a lack of clear instructions, considerable time delays may occur, putting both the equipment and the personnel at risk.

Needless to say, when it comes to medical translations, you need to find a specialized medical translation company that uses certified medical translators. Since in this field there is zero error policy, you need a partner with the resources and the experience to entrust them with the job.

At Expert Translations we aim to choose the experts when translating important information, documentation, etc. for the medical and pharmaceutical industry. We are aware of the sensitivity and importance of a clear and professional translation for the healthcare sector and always strive to do our best.