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Like any translation, legal translations consist of changing documents from one language into a different one. The difficulty with this type of work comes from the very fact that laws, languages, and translations, all on their own, have many nuances and intricacies. In the case of legal translations, all those mix together, while at the same time a perfect result is a must.

The law itself is quite fluid and constantly changing. It relies on some abstract and non-constant notions that greatly vary depending on the country or region where those laws are applied. Thus, its significance shifts relying upon the language where it is communicated and even depending on the one reading it.

It’s also worth noting that the methods in which legal papers are formatted varied from country to country. In general, while translating a document, the same formatting should be used. This, however, may differ based on the country or the language in question, necessitating extra adaptation.

While government translations are different in many ways, there are also a lot of similarities to legal translations. For once, they both contain legal and administrative terminology, which makes it crucial that the translated content and information remain consistent and accurate.
Government documents have strict regulations as well and it is essential that experienced professionals with working knowledge in the public services area work on their translation.

In order to present you with accurate translated legal and government documents, at Expert Translations we implement an in-depth quality control process before delivering them back to you. Our global team is trained to treat all projects with the highest levels of discretion and security.

Additionally, our translators are familiar with the terminology, format, and structure of legal and government documents and all necessities for their preparation, presentation, and submission to various jurisdictions. You can trust Expert Translations to be your partner for your translation needs.