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Every day, new foreign financial opportunities open up. People who know a wide range of languages have therefore become frequent customers for banks and financial organizations looking to expand their global footprint. Companies, of course, require financial translations of their services in order to reach all possible clients.

While finance, financial technology (fintech), and banking industries are more global and interconnected than ever before, they also face increased regulatory oversight and new requirements to present the information in multiple languages. Additionally, the highest levels of security and confidentiality must be maintained while handling the data. Thus, financial translations and business translations must be done following several guidelines in order to uphold the local laws and regulations.

At the same time, reliable and up-to-date information can provide an advantage for the companies that first acquire it thus speed is key for success.

At Expert Translations, we understand all those critical issues and we have built internal processes to ensure we deliver the optimal quality for certain topics/spheres. We work together with our clients on building the proper instructions and glossaries, which would be used as clear guidelines. Additionally, we form dedicated teams, that will understand all of them and will deliver the highest quality translations.

Sectors we cover:
• Corporate Finance
• Investment Management
• Venture Capital
• Corporate Banking
• Capital Investment
• Wealth Management
• Private Equity